As of January 1st of 2012, the ILSFA will no longer accept record applications for sharks not released. With that said, our respect and support for angler's rights including decisions to legally possess fish remains.


Prior to and since launching in 2006, the ILSFA and its founders have maintained a high regard and respect for angler's rights worldwide. These rights include an individual's decision to legally keep or release fish. For more than a decade now, practitioners of this sport in the United States and abroad have taken a lead role in promoting sustainable practices including catch-and-release. They have also taken proactive steps to collaborate with the scientific community in efforts to better understand the many species of sharks that inhabit the ocean's nearshore waters. These are the core factors that inspired the launch of this organization.


While the ILSFA maintains certified world records for sharks kept by anglers, they represent a fractional portion of all submissions; a fact stated solely for fact's sake. In early 2011 this was, however, taken into careful consideration, along with a refocus on what sets the ILSFA apart from all other world-record keeping organizations. It was the first, and remains the only organization, founded on an accepted method to officially reward anglers for their efforts by certifying world records for sharks they release back to the wild.



Sean Paxton, Founder

Brooks Paxton II, Co-Founder

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