Best fly rod for bass: (Smallmouth & Largemouth bass fishing rod weight)

There are a lot of great fly rods out there, but which one is the best fly rod for bass fishing? Well, that’s a very subjective question.

For one thing, bass fishing is a very specific type of fishing, and each angler has their preferences. But let’s try to answer the question anyway.

Bass fishing requires a light line, and a lightweight reel, with a spinning rod, which is capable of casting longer distances. So, your first step should be to find out which brand of reel and rod is the right combination for you.

The best fly rod for smallmouth bass depends on what you want to do with your smallmouth bass fishing. If you’re looking to catch largemouth bass, then a light, flexible rod with more heft and power may be better suited for your needs.

If you’re looking for the best fly rod weight for bass fishing, you’ll need to consider how heavy your rod will be while you’re casting. If you’re looking for a fly rod that is lighter than other fly rods, it’s likely that it will be made of lighter materials.

In this post, I will discuss the best weight fly rod for bass with the buying guide, and how to target bass with a fly rod in addition. 

So, if you’re looking for an amazing best fly fishing rod for bass, here are some recommendations from pro angler Fishing Sharkun.

Let’s get started.

Bass Fly Rod Reviews List

Winston Pure Bass Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium
Best for: Freshwater, Dry Flies
Grip: Cigar
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert
Handle: Cigar
Length: 6ft – 10ft
Line Weight: 2,3,4,5
Blank: Boron III Technology
Guide: Chrome Nanolite Stripping & Chrome Plated Light Wire Snake Guides
Reel Seat: Maple Insert w/Nickel Silver Uplocking Components
Rod Tube: Premium Graphite Rod Tube

The Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod is designed with a unique cigar grip to make casting easier, with smooth, non-slip surfaces, this rod will give you the precision, control and balance you need to catch the trout you want. 

Designed for delicate presentations and spring creek fishing, this 6 weight Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod has an all-new boron III technology blank, and a chrome nanolite stripping guide.

The lightweight and strong carbon fiber blank helps to create a rod that is 5 times stronger than steel, 2 times stiffer than steel, and 25% stronger than other graphite rods.

If you use a fluorocarbon taper on your fly line, it makes the line easier to pull out of the rod than a graphite or carbon taper.

The Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod has an innovative reel seat. With a maple insert and nickel silver uplocking components, this rod delivers exceptional performance. A premium graphite tube is the backbone of the rod.

Thomas And Thomas Zone Fly Rod


Rod Action (5wt – 10wt): Fast
Rod Action (3wt – 4wt): Medium-Fast
Best for: All Water, Flats
Grip (3wt – 4wt): Half Wells
Grip (5wt): Full Wells
Grip (6wt – 10wt): Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert
Handle: Half Wells & Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Length: 7ft – 10 ft
Line Weight: 3 – 10
Blank: Advanced StratoTherm Resin and Natural Finish 
Guides: Titanium Frame Stripping Guides w/Zirconium Inserts, Chrome Single-Foot Snake Guides (3wt-7wt) , E-Coating Universal Snake Guides (8wt-10wt) 
Reel Seat: Blue Fiber Reel Seat

The Thomas And Thomas Zone Fly Rod is a great fly rod for the beginner to the intermediate level angler. It comes with everything needed to get started with a fly rod.

It is made from carbon fiber, which is lightweight and strong. The handle has a grip that is comfortable for the average person. The rod action is medium fast, which is best for most species. The rod length is 7ft to 10ft.

Its Advanced StratoTherm Resin blank is the highest recovery blank in the world and is the strongest resin available. It also has a high recovery rate and low vibration dampening characteristics.

The guides have a titanium frame with zirconium inserts to minimize friction and maximize casting efficiency.

The reel seat is blue fiber and has an uplocking component to keep the rod light without sacrificing durability or performance.

The Thomas And Thomas Zone Fly Rods are available in a wide range of fly lines, from 3-7 weight to 8-10 weight and between 7ft to 10ft lengths.

Thomas and Thomas Avantt Fly Rod


Rod Action: Fast
Best for: All Water, Dry Flies
Grip (3wt – 6wt): Reversed Half Wells
Grip (4wt, 5wt, 7wt): Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert
Handle: Reversed Half-Wells, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Length: 8ft – 10ft
Line Weight: 3,4,5,6,7
Blank: Proprietary StratoTherm Resin 
Guides: Titanium-Frame Ceramic Stripping & ECOating Snake Guides 
Reel Seat: Black Ash Burl w/Uplocking Component 

Thomas and Thomas Avantt Fly Rods are the best choices for all anglers, whether they are just beginning or want to improve their casting. The lightweight rods offer fast action, soft handling, and exceptional sensitivity. Each rod is designed to be the best rod available in its class.

This high-performance fly rod is built to perform in all types of water. The Avantt Fly Rod is available in three sizes. With the 3wt rod, the angler has an all-around performance rod for fishing the best of the best.

For more of a finesse presentation, the 4wt or 5wt rod can be used for those perfect presentations. Finally, the 7wt rod is the ultimate for fishing big fish.

The Thomas and Thomas Avantt Fly Rod comes with a stratum resin blank, which is made from a proprietary material that has been proven to offer exceptional performance in terms of vibration dampening. This resin blank is used to make the guides for the rod.

The rod’s frame is made from titanium, which makes it lightweight and durable. This frame helps in making the rod extremely strong.

The reel seat is made from black ash burl. This material is very dense and heavy. It is resistant to scratches and abrasions, and it is also a very strong material.

Winston boron iii x super 10 fly rod


Rod Action: Medium
Best for: All Water, Nymphs
Grip: Cigar w/Fighting Butt 
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert 
Length: 10 ft
Line Weight: 3,4,5
Blank:Boron III Technology
Guides: Chrome Nanolite Stripping & Hard Chrome Snake Guides
Reel Seat: Nickel Silver, Burled Wood Insert w/Downlocking Componentry

Winston’s new BORON III material is the most popular graphite material in the industry today. It is the only graphite material that is softer, more malleable, and easier to shape than graphite. BORON III also has greater strength and durability than other graphite materials. It is also more resistant to corrosion.

Boron III technology is the result of a proprietary process in which high-purity boron carbide is melted into a stainless steel blank. The rod is then heat treated to a specified hardness and heat treated again in a furnace to produce the final product.

The Super 10 Fly Rod is a medium-fast action rod for the intermediate angler. It has a slightly faster tip speed, a slightly higher backbone, and a little more sensitivity.

The Winston BORON III X SUPER 10 FLY ROD is a good all-around rod for fishing a variety of bass fish species.

Thomas and Thomas Exocett ss fly rod


Rod Action: Fast
Best for: All Water, Flats
Grip: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert 
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Length: 8ft 8in
Blank: Advanced StratoTherm Resin and Natural Finish 
Guides:Titanium Frame Stripping & RECoil Titanium Alloy Snake Guides 
Reel Seat: Milled Aluminum Reel Seat w/Double Uplocking Components

Thomas and Thomas Exocett SS Fly Rod are designed to give the ultimate performance.

It offers the best features in a fly rod for beginners and experts alike. The full well grip on the handle gives the angler a firm hold and a secure feel.

The fighting butt allows for maximum casting ability. This is the ultimate fishing rod for all types of fishing.

Thomas and Thomas Fly Rods are the finest fly fishing equipment available. These rods are known for their quality, accuracy, and durability.

These rods are designed to cast long distances and hit the fish with precision.

The Exocett series rods are built with a full-well grip with a fighting butt, which gives you more control over the line and more ability to adjust the drag.

A Buyers Guide for the Best Fly Rod for Bass

I don’t know about you, but I have been fishing for bass for quite a few years now and have caught a lot of fish. And I have seen more and more fly rods that I have never used.

They are beautiful. I am not sure if there is a perfect fly rod for bass fishing. There are many factors that make a fly rod that is best for bass fishing.

Fly rod length

When you buy a fly rod, you have to consider the length of the rod. There are two types of lengths. The first type is the long rod. A long rod is usually used for fishing rivers. Long rods are good for big fish because they allow for more line control. Another type of fly rod length is the short rod. Short rods are usually used for lakes and ponds. When you use a short rod, you need to reel in the line faster.

Fly rod shape

The fly rod shape can affect how the rod feels when casting. A fly rod is a three-section rod. The first section is the handle. The second section is the grip. The third section is the rod. The fly rod shape is a combination of the grip and the rod. The fly rod shape is usually a butt grip. Butt grips are easier to hold. Some fly rods have a grip at the end of the rod. This type of grip is called a tip grip.

Fly rod weight

The fly rod weight is an important factor to consider. The fly rod weight determines how easy it is to cast the rod. Fly rods with a lighter weight feel better. This is because the line is easier to cast. The fly rod weight should be heavy enough to withstand the forces of a strong fish. If the fly rod’s weight is too light, then the rod is going to break.

Fly rod line

The fly rod line is another important consideration. The fly rod line is a material that is wrapped around the rod. There are many different fly rod lines. Popular fly rod lines include mono, braid, and fluorocarbon. 

How to Target Bass with a Fly Rod


The first thing you want to do when trying to catch bass on top water is just cast your fly rod over and hope for the best.

Instead, you should cast the fly rod up and over the top of the water, which means the rod must move from perpendicular to parallel to the surface of the water.

If you keep the fly rod in the casting position for too long, you run the risk of losing fish due to your rod tip becoming submerged.

Secondly, the presentation needs to be very specific and detailed. Presentation is the only thing that can give bass what they need to take action — bait.

When you target bass with a fly rod on topwater, you present it with the most attractive pattern of light and dark.

Bottom Feeding

I know, I know. There’s nothing special about bass fishing. Just a lot of fish. But if you’re targeting bottom feeders, your hook needs to be a little different.

If you’re going after bass, cast your fly rod down low, and with short, quick strokes, slowly lift the rod up. Use the weight of the rod to bring the fly into the zone of the fish. The tip of the rod should point straight up, just above the water line.


One of the most important things I learned in my first year of fly fishing was that streamers were used differently by the trout than by bass.

Trout prefer to eat smaller, slower-moving, and more sluggish baitfish like chubs, leeches, and minnows. They often won’t eat small streamers, and they definitely won’t eat large ones. But the opposite is true for bass.

They love big, flashy streamers that are swimming through the water. A little bit of bass love goes a long way.

What is the best size fly rod for bass fishing?

If you want to fish for bass with a spinning rod, you should get a rod with a maximum length of 8ft. The best length for a spinning rod is 9ft. And a 7ft rod is not the right length for a casting rod.

If you want to fish with a casting rod, you should get a rod with a maximum length of 6ft. A 6ft rod is the right length for an intermediate fly rod.

And finally, the best length for a fly rod is 5ft and shorter. I recommend that you buy a fly rod with a maximum length of 5ft.

And remember that each rod has its own specific features, such as the weight, the diameter of the handle, and the reel type.

Do dry flies work on bass?

Yes, dry flies work well on bass, but they are not the best choice for every situation. It depends on the type of fly rod and line you are using.

If you use a sinking tip fly rod, it is probably not the best choice for dry flies. If you use a sinking tip fly rod, it is not the best choice for wet flies. You can experiment with different types of flies and find out what works best for you.

Is a 7wt fly rod good for bass?

You can use a 7wt rod to catch largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, muskies, bluegills, catfish, crappie, carp.  A 7-wt fly rod is a perfect rod for both saltwater and freshwater fishing.

Is a 6wt fly rod good for bass?

While a 5wt rod will most often be used for smaller bass, there are occasions when a 6wt or even an 8wt rod may be more appropriate.

When choosing a fly rod for bass you should consider the following factors:

This is not an easy feat. Conditions such as wind, water depth, and weather conditions will have a big effect on your success.

What action rod is best for bass fishing?

You’ll need to look for a medium-heavy bass fishing rod for fishing in a variety of conditions.

When fishing for bass and catfish, and casting a variety of lures, the best choice is a standard medium. It offers the right combination of strength and lightness for many fishing techniques and styles.

Why do bass fishermen use Baitcasters?

There are many ways to use power techniques such as using a crankbait, a lure that holds in the water longer than the others, and uses more weight to keep the fish at the spinnerbaits, or casting spinnerbaits to heavy weed beds is best done with the spinning rod.

Best fly rod for bass Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best fly rod for bass.

As you discovered, Winston and Thomson & Thomson brand produce the best fly rod for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass which are the two most popular bass species in the world.

The best thing you can do is pick one of the best fly fishing rod for bass from the list above that has the features that meet your individual needs and the fishing style that you prefer. 

Once you do that, you’ll be more than happy with any one of the popular and best fly rod for bass fishing listed above since it’ll satisfy your needs now, and into the future.

These rods are the best-weight fly rod for bass since they are a little lighter and more sensitive than the average fly rod. This is why it is no wonder that fly rods for bass are so popular. They are perfect for any angler who wants to catch fish in a fast-paced, tough fishing environment.

Now that you know what you are looking for, there is no excuse not to buy the best fly rod weight for bass. If you are interested in learning more about fly rods for bass, check out our fly fishing guide for some great information on fly fishing.

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