Best fly rod for trout: (Spey, Combo & Rod Weight Setup)

Trout fishing is an art. And if you want to know how to do it better, you have to learn to think like a fish.

To do that, you need to understand what the fish is doing. That’s where the fly rod comes in.

The best fly rod for trout fishing will allow you to do the most accurate casting, retrieve the most sensitively, and most importantly, give you the best chance of hooking a fish.

It is important to know what weight fly rod for trout is appropriate for you; what size fly rod for trout you should use.

The weight of your rod is determined by the length of the line. You can change the length of the line by changing the number of knots in it.

The trout fishing fly rod weight should be heavy enough to provide a good balance, but not too heavy to be difficult to cast. 

In this guide, I will discuss how to choose the best trout fly rod from the top 7-rod reviews list, trout fly rod combo list, and the best trout Spey rod that is worth buying.

So, let’s get started.

5 Best Trout Fly Rods List

Sage Trout LL Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium-Fast
Best for: Small Water, Dry Flies
Grip: Snub-Nose Half Wells
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert
Handle: Slim Snub-nose Half-Wells
Length: 7ft – 9ft
Line Weight: 3,4,5,6
Blank: KonneticHD Technology
Guides: Fuji Ceramic Stripping Guides, Ultra-Light Hard Chromed Snake Guides
Reel Seat: Walnut Wood w/ Bronze Uplocking Components
Rod Tube: Powder Coated Aluminum Rod Tube

A fly rod with an action that’s medium-fast, this Sage Trout LL Fly Rod is ideal for a smaller, younger angler looking for a versatile, easy-to-learn rod with a little more backbone than a beginner’s rod.

It features slim, snub-nose half-well grips that are perfect for younger anglers, providing them with the proper leverage needed to make smooth casts. 

The rod features Konnetic HD Technology, which is a process that is used to polish the rod blank to create an extremely smooth surface. The rod blank is then coated in a durable, high-gloss finish to create a beautiful rod.

The rod also features a Fuji ceramic stripping guide that is used to prevent the rod from stripping when the line is being reeled in. The guides are made of an incredibly lightweight material that is strong and durable.

The rod is constructed of aluminum and has a durable, corrosion-resistant powder coat finish with a smooth, comfortable grip and a quick-action reel seat.

This fly rod is designed by Sage Trout to produce big trout action on dry flies. This rod can be used with a wide range of dry flies and it is also ideal for fishing small water. The Sage Trout fly rods have been designed for anglers who want to catch trout, even those who are new to the sport.

Thomas And Thomas Zone Fly Rod


Rod Action (5wt – 10wt): Fast
Rod Action (3wt – 4wt): Medium-Fast
Best for: All Water, Flats
Grip (3wt – 4wt): Half Wells
Grip (5wt): Full Wells
Grip (6wt – 10wt): Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert
Handle: Half Wells & Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Length: 7ft – 10 ft
Line Weight: 3 – 10
Blank: Advanced StratoTherm Resin and Natural Finish 
Guides: Titanium Frame Stripping Guides w/Zirconium Inserts, Chrome Single-Foot Snake Guides (3wt-7wt) , E-Coating Universal Snake Guides (8wt-10wt) 
Reel Seat: Blue Fiber Reel Seat

The Thomas And Thomas Zone Fly Rod is a great fly rod for the beginner to the intermediate level angler. It comes with everything needed to get started with a fly rod.

It is made from carbon fiber, which is lightweight and strong. The handle has a grip that is comfortable for the average person. The rod action is medium fast, which is best for most species. The rod length is 7ft to 10ft.

Its Advanced StratoTherm Resin blank is the highest recovery blank in the world and is the strongest resin available. It also has a high recovery rate and low vibration dampening characteristics.

The guides have a titanium frame with zirconium inserts to minimize friction and maximize casting efficiency.

The reel seat is blue fiber and has an uplocking component to keep the rod light without sacrificing durability or performance.

The Thomas And Thomas Zone Fly Rods are available in a wide range of fly lines, from 3-7 weight to 8-10 weight and between 7ft to 10ft lengths.

Echo Trout Fly Rod


Rod Action: Fast
Best for: All Water
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert
Handle: Cigar
Length: 8ft – 9′ 6” ft
Line Weight: 4, 5, 6

The Echo Trout Rod is the most advanced rod in the world. It is a premium rod designed to give you the best of both worlds. The unique reel seat and slider ring provide a better and more comfortable grip for fly fishing.

Echo rods are designed to enhance the performance of the angler and the trout. The unique handle shape and grip position provide an improved and more comfortable grip for the angler. The innovative new dual zone handle design gives the angler more control and greater accuracy.

The Echo Trout Rod is constructed using premium materials to ensure a long lasting product. It features a lifetime warranty.

The Echo Trout Fly Rod comes in four lengths (7’10”, 9’0”, 9’0”, 9’6”) and two weights (4 and 6 wt) to cover every fishing situation. With the best balance of action and sensitivity, this rod is built for the beginner to the expert.

The light, fast and forgiving action is the perfect combination of finesse and power for the sport of fly fishing.

Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium
Best for: Freshwater, Dry Flies
Grip: Cigar
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert
Handle: Cigar
Length: 6ft – 10ft
Line Weight: 2,3,4,5
Blank: Boron III Technology
Guide: Chrome Nanolite Stripping & Chrome Plated Light Wire Snake Guides
Reel Seat: Maple Insert w/Nickel Silver Uplocking Components
Rod Tube: Premium Graphite Rod Tube

The Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod is designed with a unique cigar grip to make casting easier, with smooth, non-slip surfaces, this rod will give you the precision, control and balance you need to catch the trout you want. 

Designed for delicate presentations and spring creek fishing, this 6 weight Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod has an all-new boron III technology blank, and a chrome nanolite stripping guide.

The lightweight and strong carbon fiber blank helps to create a rod that is 5 times stronger than steel, 2 times stiffer than steel, and 25% stronger than other graphite rods.

If you use a fluorocarbon taper on your fly line, it makes the line easier to pull out of the rod than a graphite or carbon taper.

The Winston Pure Trout Fly Rod has an innovative reel seat. With a maple insert and nickel silver uplocking components, this rod delivers an exceptional performance. A premium graphite tube is the backbone of the rod.

ST. Croix Mojo Trout Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium-Fast
Best for: Dry Flies, Small Water
Grip: Reversed Half Wells
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert 
Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt, Snub-nose Half-Wells
Length: 6ft, 8ft, 9ft
Line Weight: 2,3,4,6,7
Blank: SCIV and SCII Graphite 
Guides: Kigan Master Hand 3D Stripping & Sea Guide SnakeGuides
Reel Seat: Machined Aluminum w/Uplocking Components 
Rod Tube: Cloth Rod Sack

This ST. Croix Mojo Trout rod is an affordable entry-level fly rod that is perfect for beginners and intermediate trout anglers. It is made with high-quality carbon fiber and features a medium-fast action.

The rod has a full-well grip with reversed half wells, a fighting butt, and a nickel-plated brass butt cap.

The St. Croix Mojo Trout is a lightweight fly rod that provides great action for trout fishing. The 6 foot rod is equipped with a powerful graphite blank, which provides you with a smooth, controllable feel.

The 7 foot rod has a longer blank that is stronger than the 6 foot model. The rod features a tapered butt section, which creates a firm grip for maximum control. The rod is equipped with a fast-action reel seat that holds the line tight and prevents tangles. 

Best Single Hand Fly Rods for Trout Reviewed

Entry Level

Redington classic trout fly rod


Rod Action: Medium
Best for: All Water, Dry Flies
Grip: Reversed Half Wells
Ability Level: Beginner- Expert
Handle: Cigar
Length: 7ft – 9ft
Line Weight: 2,3,4,5,6
Blank: Mid-Flex Technology
Guides: Titanium Oxide Stripping & Lightweight SnakeGuides
Reel Seat: Rosewood Insert w/Uplocking Component 
Rod Tube: Ballistic Nylon Rod Tube

The Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod is a great all around entry-level price fishing rod. Its medium action and the cigar grip make it a good all around rod for trout fishing and other freshwater species.

This fly rod has a great balance between action and control. It has a great feel for the fish and makes it easy to hook and land them.

Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod is one of the best dry fly rod. It is made of 6-9ft premium Grade 5 carbon fiber. 

The rod was designed to help with a slower, more controlled stroke, which is the best way to cast a rod.

It has a graphite butt section and an aluminum tip section to make it super strong and lightweight.

This rod is available between lengths, 7ft to 9ft.

The Redington Classic Trout Fly Rod is a great fly fishing rod that will last a lifetime. It features a rosewood insert with an uplocking component to keep smaller reels in place and prevent them from turning inside out.

The rod tube is protected with a ballistic nylon cover to help prevent damage during travel or storage. The rod features a beautiful wood grain pattern and a chrome finish. 


Thomas and Thomas Lotic Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium
Best for: Small Water, Dry Flies
Grip: Reversed Half Wells
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert
Handle: Reversed Half-Wells
Length: 6ft – 8ft
Line Weight: 3,4,5
Blank: Three Piece Fiberglass Blank 
Guides: ECOating Snake Guides 
Reel Seat: Bright Milled Aluminum w/Uplocking Component and Cork Spacer

The Thomas and Thomas Lotic Fly Rod is a medium-action rod that is ideal for small-water fishing. This is a high-quality fly rod that comes with a grip that offers a better feel and a more comfortable grip while casting.

Thomas and Thomas Lotic Fly Rod is an exciting fly rod, designed by professional anglers, with a special focus on its comfort.

With a wide range of handle configurations, there is a rod for every style.

The handle is reversed half-wells, which makes the rod much easier to hold and maneuver.

 The three-piece blank is a fiberglass blank with the center portion wrapped in a graphite material. This allows for increased strength and reduces weight. The guides are corked and are ECOating. This helps with the friction of the guides as well as increases the distance the line travels.

The reel seat is bright milled aluminum and the cork spacer is included for added weight reduction. This reel seat offers a very smooth feel and is built with a heavy-duty uplocking component. This allows for a better performance of the rod.


Thomas and Thomas Avantt Fly Rod


Rod Action: Fast
Best for: All Water, Dry Flies
Grip (3wt – 6wt): Reversed Half Wells
Grip (4wt, 5wt, 7wt): Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Ability Level: Beginner – Expert
Handle: Reversed Half-Wells, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Length: 8ft – 10ft
Line Weight: 3,4,5,6,7
Blank: Proprietary StratoTherm Resin 
Guides: Titanium-Frame Ceramic Stripping & ECOating Snake Guides 
Reel Seat: Black Ash Burl w/Uplocking Component 

Thomas and Thomas Avantt Fly Rods are the best choices for all anglers, whether they are just beginning or want to improve their casting. The lightweight rods offer fast action, soft handling, and exceptional sensitivity. Each rod is designed to be the best rod available in its class.

This high-performance fly rod is built to perform in all types of water. The Avantt Fly Rod is available in three sizes. With the 3wt rod, the angler has an all-around performance rod for fishing the best of the best.

For more of a finesse presentation, the 4wt or 5wt rod can be used for those perfect presentations. Finally, the 7wt rod is the ultimate for fishing big fish.

The Thomas and Thomas Avantt Fly Rod comes with a stratum resin blank, which is made from a proprietary material that has been proven to offer exceptional performance in terms of vibration dampening. This resin blank is used to make the guides for the rod.

The rod’s frame is made from titanium, which makes it lightweight and durable. This frame helps in making the rod extremely strong.

The reel seat is made from black ash burl. This material is very dense and heavy. It is resistant to scratches and abrasions, and it is also a very strong material.

Best Trout Spey Rods

OPST Micro Skagit Trout SPEY Rod


Handle: Reversed Half-Wells, Full Wells w/Fighting Butt
Length: 9ft – 10ft
Line Weight: 3,4,5

The OPST Micro Skagit Trout SPEY is a line of rods designed by Skagit legend Ed Ward to represent decades of dedication solely to sustained-anchor two-handed casting.

Each Micro Skagit Rod will range from a 9’9” Micro Skagit 2-Handed 3wt rod up to an 11’6” 8wt rod, and every whole rod weight.

The premium graphite blank is precision engineered to provide maximum strength and balance, while still being lightweight. The blanks are also coated with a special formula to help resist corrosion.

The micro Skagit trout rod also features a full wrap handle with the ergonomic shape and textured grip for comfort and a firm hold during long casts. A cork butt tip provides a solid feel and helps reduce vibration.

Overall,  the OPST Micro Skagit Trout SPEY Rod is a great choice for all skill levels and is perfect for both fishing from boats and shore.

ECHO Trout SPEY Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium – Fast
Best for: Freshwater, Streamers
Grip: Spey
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert
Length: 11ft
Line Weight: 2, 3, 4
Blank: Lightweight High Modulus Graphite Design
Guides: SiC Stripping & Heavy Duty Chrome Snake Guides
Reel Seat: Anodized Aluminum
Rod Tube: Fabric-Covered Square Tube

The Echo trout rod was designed to give anglers the ability to cast large flies like streamers but still have the ability to cast smaller flies like midges and small nymphs with ease.

The Echo trout rod has a medium-fast action, which gives the angler a lot of power when they need it and a lot of finesse when they want to throw something light. The rod has a Spey grip, which allows the angler to cast their line and retrieve with one hand while keeping the other hand free for a backup.

The Echo trout rod comes in an 11 ft. rod. It is perfect for those anglers who are very good at fly fishing and want to try out Spey casting.

The trout Spey rod blank is designed with a lightweight, high-modulus graphite construction to achieve the perfect balance between sensitivity and power. This rod blank features a SiC Stripping Guide to deliver maximum sensitivity. The SiC Stripping Guide delivers the ultimate sensitivity for any trout fishing situation.

The ECHO Trout SPEY rod blank comes equipped with a SiC Stripping guide to deliver maximum sensitivity. This guide is designed to strip and reduce the friction in the rod blank, making it easier to feel the slightest twitch. 

Greys Wing Trout SPEY Fly Rod

A beautiful rod from Greys that is built for versatility. With a powerflex 4 piece carbon blank, the Greys Wing trout spey is a versatile rod that is perfect for all types of fishing situations. 

The powerflex material allows for a smooth and consistent casting stroke with no spring in the butt of the rod. This rod will cast farther and cast with less effort than rods made with graphite. This rod will cast farther and cast with less effort than rods made with graphite.

The Greys Wing Trout Spey has a great action for a trout spey and it is designed for anglers who like to fish from a variety of positions.

The Greys Wing SPEY features double foot snake guides, lined stripping guides, and dual locking nuts with a nylon cushioned ring. It also includes a keyed and milled reel seat slide band to reduce weight. 

The Greys Wing SPEY comes ready for your next day of fishing with a rod bag and hard tube.

Thomas & Thomas DNA SPEY Fly Rod


Rod Action: Medium
Best for: Freshwater, Streamers
Grip: Spey 
Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert
Handle: Two-Handed Spey
Length: 11ft  – 15ft
Line Weight: 6,7,8,9,10
Blank: Multi-Modulus Graphite Blank
Guides: Fuji Stripping & Universal Snake Guides 
Reel Seat: Milled Aluminum Reel Seat w/Double Downlocking Components 
Rod Tube: Aluminum Rod Tube

The Thomas & Thomas DNA SPEY is a medium-action fly rod with a beautiful Spey grip. The 2-piece blank construction is also known as “Crown and Handle.” The DNA SPEY is a two-handed rod, which means that the rod features a solid grip for both hands.

It is built for the intermediate and expert level – anglers who are comfortable casting in the 10-16 pound range. The Thomas & Thomas DNA SPEY comes in a choice of five-rod line weights: 6,7,8,9,10 with an ideal rod length between 11 to 15 ft.

Spey casting requires finesse and precision. It’s a demanding technique and requires a rod that’s not only responsive but also forgiving. The DNA SPEY delivers in all areas. The multi-modulus graphite blank gives it a supple backbone.

Fuji’s stripping and universal snake guides eliminate tangles and ensure smooth consistent presentations. The reel seat is crafted from an aluminum tube and features double-down locking components for a secure and durable fit. It is covered in a beautiful blue powder-coat finish.

The T&T DNA SPEY Fly Rod is the perfect choice for the fly angler. With a Spey style grip, it delivers premium performance in a package that is extremely versatile. 

Hardy Ultralite NSX Trout Spey rod


Handle: Two-Handed Spey
Length: 11ft 6in
Line Weight: 5

Hardy Ultralite NSX rods are designed and constructed to provide you with a powerful, smooth, and smooth casting experience. These rods feature an all-new Sintrix construction, which is a hybrid between graphite and carbon fiber. Sintrix provides increased strength and durability while providing you with a smooth, responsive, and consistent action.

The application-specific action design gives the user more options when choosing the optimal action length for their casting style and technique. By adjusting the length of the butt section and the tip section, the user can find the optimal position for his/her preferred casting style.

The entire rod is built with a ceramic-lined titanium recoil guide, which reduces friction and keeps the guides smooth and durable. The reel seat is made of aluminum and carbon, which adds strength to the rod and allows the reel to remain lightweight.

Best Fly Rod Combos for Trout

Redington trout field kit fly rod outfit

The Redington Trout Field Kit Fly Rod Outfit features a 9-foot aluminum cork handle and aluminum reel seat for durability and an optimized medium-fast action designed for any trout fishing scenario.

The medium-fast action is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced fishermen alike, as well as anyone who wants to have a rod that casts well.

The Redington trout field kit fly rod outfit is a lightweight and powerful fishing rod with an arbor design. The rod features a strong carbon drag system that offers smooth stopping power.

The rod features a large arbor design that makes retrieving and handling the rod easier. This rod is perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

The Redington Trout Field Kit Fly Rod Outfit is the ultimate all-around floating line for trout fishing. It’s designed to perform on lakes and ponds where fish are feeding on baitfish while being able to cast around brush, reeds, and other obstructions. The lightweight construction of this rod features a weight-forward taper for easy casting. 

Redington trout field kit SPEY fly rod outfit

The Redington Trout Field Kit SPEY Fly Rod features a fast-action medium-fast action design. With a total length of 11’3″, it’s perfect for any trout fishing situation.

Anodized aluminum reel seat keeps the reel securely in place, and a durable anodized finish protects the rod from wear and tear.

The Redington Trout Field Kit SPEY Fly Rod outfit is the best way to catch those delicious trout. The lightweight design is constructed from durable diecast aluminum, giving it a premium feel.

The arbor design makes it easy to retrieve line quickly. Powerful carbon drag system offers smooth stopping power and the fast action of the graphite blank allows for quick and accurate casting.

Redington Spey Field Kit is specifically designed for the demands of the trout spey angler, providing a short, powerful taper with a tapered tip for casting large flies and sink tips with exceptional ease.

The line is made of high quality nylon with a tough coating on the inside and a soft core on the outside for better performance. The line is designed for trout spey fishing, with a taper length of 9 feet to 13 feet, a diameter of 5/8 inch, and a weight of 6.5 oz.

Things to know before getting the right trout fly rod

A fly fishing rod can make a difference between catching a fish or not. The choice of the rod can depend on the type of fishing you prefer.

Trout is a very popular fish in many countries, so having a versatile rod that can handle multiple situations is essential.

When selecting a fly rod, consider the following:

1. Your preferred line of fishing:

For example, a 5-weight will suit the most experienced fisherman who prefers to fish in the rough water and wants a stronger rod. On the other hand, a 9-weight will suit an angler who prefers softer fishing and is looking for a light rod.

2. The length of the rod:

Depending on the size of the fly you use, the length of the rod can be crucial. A longer rod can give you more casting distance and accuracy. A shorter rod can be easier to hold and cast.

3. The rod weight:

A heavier rod will be able to handle the bigger fish better. However, lighter rods are more versatile.

4. The reel:

Depending on the style of fishing you are doing, the reel size and shape can make a big difference. For example, a spinning reel is ideal for fly fishing, while a baitcasting rod is good for casting lures.

5. The taper:

The taper of the rod can be either round or straight. Round tapers are good for long casts while straight tapers are good for short casts.

6. The material:

There are several materials used in fly fishing rods, and each has its pros and cons. For example, carbon fiber rods are lightweight but expensive.

7. The price:

If you are a beginner, you can buy a cheap rod for practice purposes. However, buying a high-quality rod is better for your money.

8. The grip:

The material of the grip on the rod is also a factor. For example, rubber grips are more comfortable and easy to grip.

9. The balance point:

The balance point of the rod is where the center of gravity is. This is the perfect position for casting.

10. The tip:

The tip of the rod is the most important part because it holds the fly or lure in the air. You should choose the right size and shape for your needs.

11. The butt:

The butt of the rod is the section that connects the shaft to the handle. The butt should be made of a durable material and has to be well-fitting to the user’s hand.

12. The handle:

The handle of the rod is the part that the user grips and holds. The grip of the handle is also important.

What Is the Best Size and Weight for a Trout Fly Rod?

For fly fishing, the ideal rod length for trout fishing is 8.5 to 9 feet. This is a good thing for beginners to do since beginners should spend less time with larger baits.

Everyone who guides or fishes for trout agrees that the 9’ rod for the 5-weight line is the most versatile trout rod in the world.

Your next choice should depend on whether you plan to fish lakes, creeks, or rivers. If you don’t know where you’re going to fish, buy a 9’5-weight rod

Do you have to use a fly rod to catch trout?

Trout fishing is pretty straightforward – you just need a rod and reel. Both spinning and fly rods are great for fishing for trout.

If you’re a spin fisherman, you should select a light or ultralight rod and line combo that is made of 4- or 6-pound mono.

Do you fish up or downstream for trout?

To live, trout must swim upstream, breathing through their mouths and discharging oxygen-containing water through their gills. When facing upstream, the trout catch whatever food comes their way by the flow of the current.

Best trout fly rod Summary

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best fly rod for trout fishing. I discussed the top trout fishing fly rod among the bests of the best.

Catching trout is very much a matter of luck, and that is why fishing with the right rod is always essential. A great rod will make all the difference in the world.

The best trout fly rod should be durable, lightweight, and balanced, and must be easy to cast. You must ask these questions yourself as an angler: what weight fly rod for trout is good? what size fly rod for trout matters?

And the answer lies above in one of the paragraphs I have written, and in the words of the expert. 

Additionally, I also discussed the best trout Spey rod and trout fly rod combo that you can buy today. Combos work best if you want to use both rod and line for different types of fishing.

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