Best fly rod under 200: (Top 5 Rod Reviews with Combo)

Thinking of buying the best fly rod under 200?

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I have tested and reviewed the best fly rod for under $200 from the top manufacturers in the world.

You might be surprised how many of these rods are actually good quality but at a fraction of the price of a good fly rod.

So, which one should you buy?

Which one is the best fly rod to buy for under 200?

Let’s find out. 

In addition, you will also find out here the best fly rod combo under 200 that are a good bargain with quality and great performance.

What to Look for in a Quality Fly Rod

When choosing a fly rod, there are some key elements to consider.

  1. First and foremost, the length of the rod is important. While the rod is a major component of the overall package, and it should be selected based on how you intend to use the rod, we still need to look at the length of the rod itself to determine if it is a good choice for a beginner or intermediate angler.
  2. Most beginners use a 6’ or 7’ rod. A good length for most beginners is between 6’8” and 7’6”.
  3. For more advanced fishermen, the rod length should be a bit longer. An 8’ or 9’ rod is ideal for someone who is fishing saltwater or large trout.
  4. Anglers who fish for smallmouth bass and muskies should consider a 10’ or 11’ rod.
  5. Rod construction and materials are another consideration. Beginners often prefer fiberglass rods, since they are lightweight, affordable, and generally durable.
  6. However, as the rod gets longer, it becomes less and less stiff, so it is important to consider the stiffness of the rod material.
  7. When it comes to the materials used to make the rod, the best options are graphite and fiberglass.
  8. Most fly rods are made with either of these materials. Graphite is an expensive material that requires some specialized equipment to manufacture.
  9. Most rods made with graphite are used for tournament competitions. Fiberglass rods are typically much less expensive to manufacture but are not as durable as graphite.
  10. A reel is another piece of equipment that is essential to a fly fishing trip. The type of reel that is right for you depends on your fishing experience, skill level, and the type of fishing you are doing.
  11. The reel is the first piece of equipment that a new fisherman sees. If the reel looks like it could be a problem, they are much less likely to purchase the rod.
  12. The right size and weight are important, especially for beginners. A reel that is too light will be hard to control and can cause serious injury.
  13. Reels made of graphite, particularly if they are aluminum, are a very popular option for beginners.
  14. Aluminum is a lightweight material, and a reel made of this material is not prone to heavy wear or damage.
  15. As you gain experience and improve your casting ability, you may wish to move to a graphite reel.

Best Fly Rods under 200 List

As an angler, there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to fly rods.

From graphite rods that can last for years to carbon fiber rods that will break the bank and take up most of your fishing time, there is something for everyone.

The problem is choosing one that will do the job and not break the bank is always a challenge.

To help you choose the right fly rod for you, we have put together this list of the best fly rods under $200. If you’re looking for a new fly rod, these are some great choices.

Echo ion xl fly rod


Rod Action: Medium-Fast, Fast

Best for: Saltwater, Flats

Grip: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Ability Level: Beginner- Expert 

Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Length: 9ft – 10ft

Line Weight: 5,6,7,8,9,10

Blank: Slim Profile High Modulus Graphite Design

Guides: Oversized Stripping & Single Foot Guides

Reel Seat: Gloss Black Anodized w/Uplocking Component

Rod Tube: Grey Fabric-Covered Rod Tube

Rajeff Sports is one of the biggest names in fly fishing, and their products are designed to help angler get the most out of their time spent on the water.

So the Ion XL is one of their latest releases, and it does exactly what it says on the box.

Ion XLs have a lot going for them; they’re versatile enough for trout, salmon, and steelhead fishing.

If you’re looking for a rod that’s ideal for the type of fishing that you like, or if you want a saltwater rod that you can use for multiple types of fishing, then these rods are for you.

These saltwater rods are designed to handle even the largest fish, and this comes from the oversized tip size and the powerful carbon blank material.

The carbon blank gives the rod a stronger backbone and ensures that it’ll maintain its strength even after years of use.

The Ionic blanks are especially durable because they contain a diamond-like carbon coating, which is extremely hard but still flexible.

When compared to a typical blank, the blanks used on the Ion XL have a wider profile and they can handle the extra weight of the rod better.

The blanks are made to withstand the saltwater environment, and they won’t warp over time.

The carbon construction keeps the rods lighter, which makes them easier to manage. Because the blank material is very strong, it doesn’t require much extra weight when compared to traditional blanks.

The saltwater rods have a very stable action and they can handle even the biggest fish.

The Ion XLs are also lightweight, so they won’t tire you out. These rods are designed for longer distances and for casting for hours on end, and they’ll hold up under this treatment.

A couple of drawbacks to the Ion XL is that it’s not as sensitive to the wind as some of the other rods. As a result, if the wind picks up, it’ll impact the accuracy of your casts.

The other issue is that the Ionic blanks are a bit too bulky for some of the rods that are available in the market today. The Ion XL can handle a wide range of weights, but it doesn’t work as well with rods that have a narrow profile.

Other than that, the Ionic blanks are well worth the money. They’re very robust, and they’re easy to maintain.

The Ionic is a great choice for anyone who wants to go fishing in saltwater, or for those who want to use their saltwater rods for multiple types of fishing.

The versatility of these rods makes them ideal for freshwater fishing too, as they can be used for trout fishing, and they can be rigged for salmon and steelhead fishing.

Overall, the Ionic is a great saltwater rod that will serve you well for many years to come.

Echo carbon xl euro nymph fly rod


Rod Action: Medium – Fast

Best for Freshwater, Nymphs

Grip: Reversed Half Wells w/Fighting Butt

Ability Level: Intermediate – Expert

Handle: Reversed Half-Wells w/Fighting Butt

Length: 10ft

Line Weight: 3,4

Blank: Standard Modulus Graphite Design

Guides: Lightweight Ceramic Stripping Guide

Reel Seat: Carbon Fiber w/Uplocking Component 

The Echo Carbon XL Euro nymph is designed to take the sting out of fishing a traditional nymph rig.

It comes with a small size and an adjustable tippet to match. It has a medium-flex handle, which gives it a firm, comfortable grip.

It also features a nice tip-down head for easy placement and a low profile, making it perfect for easy casting. This carbon rod also has a strong backbone to help you cast it and feel confident when using it.

But the main reason why this carbon rod is such a great choice is because of the materials used.

Its core is made from high-density, medium-modulus graphite, giving it a soft touch while still maintaining its strength and ability to withstand heavy loads.

This graphite material provides a very high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for durability.

Graphite is also a great conductor of electricity, which makes this rod a very good conductor of heat. This will make it a lot easier to keep your fly line warm, even when temperatures are low.

This Echo carbon nymph has a fast and responsive response, which helps you get a good presentation every time.

It is easy to control and feels solid in your hands, which means you can cast it for hours without losing a thing.

If you’re looking for a reliable, durable, and affordable carbon rod, then this Echo Euro nymph is the best bet.

Taylor Dynamix fly rod


Rod Action: Medium-fast

Best for: All Water, Dry Flies, Nymphing, Small Streams, Stillwater, Flats (8wt option only), Surf (8wt option only)

Grip: AAA grade cork handle; 8wt model includes a fighting butt

Ability Level: Beginner to Intermediate

Handle: Reversed Half-Wells

Length: 8ft – 9ft

Line Weight: 4,5,6

Blank: High Modulus Carbon Fiber

Guides: Hard Chrome Single Foot (4, 5, 6wt) Snake Guides (8wt), and Chrome Stripping Guides

Reel Seat: Engraved Burled Wood Reel Seat

Rod Tube: Cordura Rod Tube and Sock

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly fly rod that won’t break your bank, then check out the Taylor Dynamix.

This rod comes with a 2-piece graphite grip, giving you a secure hold, and a stainless steel reel seat.

The medium-fast action will work well for casting light to medium-weight flies, but it’s also ready for heavier loads for those who are willing to get a little more power out of it.

It’s a fast rod that performs better than most and comes in 4 different line weights so it can handle a variety of applications.

You get 3 pieces of graphite for this rod, one for the grip, another for the butt section, and the last one for the handle making it easier to carry around and transport. You also get a cleaning tool to clean your rod after every use.

While most other models feature a fixed-position reel seat, the Dynamix series gives you the freedom to change up your reel mounting methods to suit your needs.

The rod also comes with a few different grip options, and there’s a choice between a classic rubber butt cap and a cork butt cap.

You can choose from four lengths too, and you can customize your rod from the base to the tip to fit your casting style. This makes it easier to find a rod that works for you.

Overall, the Taylor Dynamix series is a great beginner’s rod that won’t let you down. It’s durable and it has lots of versatility.

St. Croix mojo trout fly rod


Rod Action: Medium-Fast

Best for: Dry Flies, Small Water

Ability Level: Beginner – Expert

Handle: Full Wells w/Fighting Butt or Snub-nosed Half-Wells

Length: 6ft, 9ft

Line Weight: 2,3,4,6,7

Blank: SCIV and SCII Graphite

Guides: Kigan Master Hand 3D Stripping and Sea Guide Snake 

Reel Seat: Machined Aluminum w/Uplocking Components

Rod Tube: Cloth Rod Sack

This is an excellent option for the beginner, who needs a good beginner’s rod and would like to fish the beautiful rivers and streams of Minnesota without breaking the bank.

The Mojo series is built for the casual angler with an affordable price tag, making it an excellent choice for beginners looking to get started.

Each of the rod models in this series comes with a comfortable contoured grip and a built-in reel seat that is ideal for casting.

This is a great option for people who don’t want to spend a ton of money on a high-end rod and just want something that is simple and easy to handle.

If you’re just getting started with fly fishing, then this is the best beginner’s rod available at an affordable price.

Fenwick Aetos fly rod


Rod Action: Fast

Best for: All Water

Grip: Reversed Half Wells

Ability Level: Beginner- Expert

Handle: Reversed Half-Wells or Full Wells w/Fighting Butt

Length: 6ft, 7ft, 8ft, 9ft 10ft

Line Weight: 3,4,5,6,7,8

Blank: High-Performance Fast Action Blank 

Guides: Large Diameter Gunsmoke Stripping & Double Foot Gunsmoke Snake Guides

Reel Seat: Anodized Aluminum w/Double Uplocking Components

The AETOS was designed with the “average” angler in mind. It’s affordable and easy to use. In fact, this rod’s versatility makes it a great choice for many anglers who are looking to spend less.

The AETOS features an ultra-lightweight composite rod blank made with Fenwick’s proprietary Carbon/Graphite material. It’s one of the lightest composite rod blanks available and its combination of strength and smoothness delivers a true casting experience.

The AETOS has been carefully designed to allow anglers of all experience levels to fish the rod effectively. At only 7.5 ounces, this is a lightweight fly rod.

Its length is 9.5 inches and its taper is 3:8, which is a very comfortable length for many casters. The reel seat is deep, which gives anglers a great amount of leverage.

And because of its lightweight, it’s easy to handle, especially when fishing out of the boat.

The AETOS features a Fuji reel seat, which is a great option for casting and retrieving. And since it comes equipped with a tip-up window, you can easily retrieve lines from the water.

Its butt section is slightly wider than average, which makes it easier to set the hook and provide the power needed to take a fish. This is especially helpful when fishing in larger water, which requires greater effort.

The AETOS features an aluminum reel guard, which protects the reel and the rod from snags and scratches. It also extends the life of the reel.

There are no real complaints with this rod. It’s made with quality materials, and it performs quite well.

However, there are some downsides. For example, it doesn’t have a reel lock mechanism, so you can’t secure the rod when retrieving the line from the water.

And it’s only available in 3-piece lengths.

But despite its minor shortcomings, this is still a great all-purpose fly rod for beginners and intermediate anglers.

TFO Signature 2 Fly Rod


Action: Medium-Fast

Handle: Reversed Half-Wells

Length: 8ft

Line Weight: 4

These fly rods are designed for first-time fly fishermen, and that means that they’re perfect for beginners who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a fly rod. And at just below $200, they’re way cheaper than any beginner would want to spend.

But the real highlight of this series is its graphite construction, which is built with a super-dense, strong material. This allows for faster action with less weight and also improves the overall feel of the rod for a smooth, accurate cast.

 The progressive taper design means that the rod will have great action, but still be able to cast further than average rods. The medium-fast action makes it ideal for beginners who are just starting out and aren’t really concerned about length yet.

The TFO Signature 2 Fly Rod is a simple and lightweight aluminum fly rod that’s designed for fishing small and medium-sized saltwater species.

The 2 wt rod weighs only 8 ounces while the 6 wt is slightly heavier at 9.4 ounces. The 9ft 6 wt and 10 wt rods come with fighting butts and well grips.

These rods are equipped with aluminum reel seats and have a unique cork handle that is comfortable to use after a day of fishing.

While the 9ft 6wt rod has a double lock reel seat, the rest of the rods only have single lock reels. The 6 wt rod features a double uplock reel seat, so it’s good for casting and fighting as well.

While the 6 wt and 9ft 6 wt rods are great for saltwater fishing, the 10 wt is a little too heavy for freshwater fishing.

All of the rods feature a double taper stainless steel blank and a unique knurl on the butt of the rod that makes them easier to grip.

These rods are built with quality components and craftsmanship, making them easy to cast and maneuver even when you’re using the heaviest loads.

While the rods are ideal for saltwater, they can be used for freshwater too. If you’re looking for a fly rod that is versatile and easy to use, you’ll love these.

Best Fly Rod Combos under 200

Redington minnow outfit 

Fishing with the kids? You’ll love the Redington Minnow outfit!

We found it to be an excellent size for our 6-year-old daughter, who’s had some success catching smallmouth bass on it.

The rod/reel combo comes with a rod sock and a shorter rod to make it easier for little ones to cast.

Our daughter can easily handle the setup and the shorter rod makes it easy for her to grip the rod, keeping her hands out of the water.

The rod also has alignment dots to help get it perfectly aligned when casting.

The Minnow rod is made of lightweight aluminum, and it’s coated with Cordura® for durability.

The rod has a nice medium action, so it’s an ideal choice for smaller fish like smallmouth bass.

We were happy to find the rod in red and black, as we’ve seen them before and they’re a favorite color combo.

You get the MINNOW rod, reel, and a rod tube for the rod, all in one box.

The reel has a removable spool, so you can easily remove and replace the pre-spooled line.

If you prefer, you can also just use the rod tube and attach a spare line.

The Minnow rod comes with a 1-year warranty, but the reel only comes with a 90-day warranty.

It’s a great value, and we recommend it for all ages.

Redington Crosswater fly rod outfit

The Crosswater rod set is a great value for the money. The rods are super lightweight, and they perform just like a higher-end rod should.

You get a lot for the price, and the fact that they’re made from high-quality materials makes them last for a long time.

The reels are machined from solid aluminum, and they feature anodized finishes that provide excellent corrosion resistance. The alignment dots on the reels help with rod set-up, and they come with a cotton rod sock for extra protection.

These are great for beginners as they have moderate action, which is perfect for casting in both fresh and saltwater. If you’re looking for a versatile fishing rod set that will last for a long time, then these are a great option.

They’re available in several sizes, so you can easily find one that fits you and your budget.

Echo lift kit fly rod outfit

Action:  Medium Fast

Tube:  Fabric-covered rod case & sock

Guides: Chrome guides

Grips:  Features two grip styles

Reel Seat:  Black anodized seat

We’re talking about the most versatile rod package here, and it doesn’t look like anything special.

But it’s packed with features, and it’s made by a company that knows what it’s doing. The LIFT is designed by a team of professional fly fishers who understand how to get the job done, whether you’re just getting started or you’re an advanced caster looking for something that’s built to last.

It’s packed with modern materials. The chrome-plated guides feature a durable matte finish that won’t fade or peel. There are four pieces, and they’ll fit almost any rod case or fly box. If you’ve already got a favorite rod case, the LIFT is compatible with it, so you can carry it with you everywhere.

It’s lightweight and balanced, and the action feels great. The butt cap is comfortable and low profile.

You can choose between two different grips and two different reel seats. Both grips have a textured surface and are covered in soft, comfortable foam. The black anodized seat is just as nice, but the chrome version is very cool, too.

And if you’re concerned about the weight, the LIFT is built on an all-aluminum blank, so it’s featherweight.

If you’ve got the right rod case, and you’ve got the right rod, and you’ve got the right size reel, you could be set.

Best Brands of Fly Rod Under $200

The fly fishing community has a few favorite brands of fly rods and reels.

The ones that are most favored are the ones that perform the best in the conditions that they are typically used.

These are not just any fly rod or reel, but ones with the best quality materials and workmanship.

Many anglers are willing to spend more on these than on their fishing tackle because they know that the fly rods and reels that they use will help them catch fish.

They want the best rod or reel for their money, and they don’t want to compromise on this.

  • Redington Path II: $100-140.
  • Redington Classic Trout: $114-170.
  • Redington Crosswater: $75-100.
  • Orvis Clearwater Freshwater Rods ($198)
  • Echo Carbon XL: $150-170.
  • Echo Base: $100-115.
  • Fenwick Aetos: $150-200.

What to Expect From a Fly Rod Under $200?

If you are a beginner, then you should expect a fly rod under $200 to be relatively light and small in size.

You should be able to cast it easily and use it effectively in the water.

Most of the budget rods offer excellent durability and a lifetime warranty.

But if you are a seasoned angler looking for a new rod, then you should definitely consider buying a quality fly rod instead. It’s much more durable and reliable. 

Are There Good Fly Rods Under 200?

The price of fly rods and reels can vary widely, so it’s difficult to say which ones are good and which ones aren’t.

However, most fly rod brands offer models at prices ranging from $100 to $199, so you don’t have to spend a fortune to get quality equipment. 

Best fly rod under 200 Summary

If you reached this part of my guide, then you should feel confident enough to buy the best fly rod to buy for under 200 for your needs.

As you learned, there are a number of different types of fly rods available to choose from even with this very small budget.

I did my best to show you good options for, the best fly rod under 200, and the best fly rod combo under 200.

Now, all you have to do is narrow down the choices in order to find the right fly rod for you.

Don’t think that the best fly rod for under $200 cannot be of quality and high performance, you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you buy a great fly rod at this price.

I hope you enjoyed this guide on the best fly rod under $200 review and combo packages.

Happy Fishing!

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