Who makes the best fly rod? (Top 10 brands with the best warranty)

Who makes the best fly rod?

A few weeks ago I had a discussion with a fishing buddy of mine. He asked me who I thought were the best fly fishing rod brands in the world. I said: “It’s got to be one of these companies: Orvis, Scott, Redington, or Sage.”

He was a little disappointed with my answer. I then went on to list several other companies which are the best fly rod brands that make excellent fly rods.

Since I have used most of them throughout my fishing voyage, I can say that he is correct. But not all fly rods made by big brands are good to fly rods.

There are many fly rod brands with the best warranty, which are just as good as the fly rods made by big brands. I’ve been fly fishing for over 25 years and I still use many of the fly rods that I started out with.

Here I have listed the top 25 fly rod manufacturers who make great fly rods that are also the best saltwater fly fishing rod brands have been chosen based on their quality, performance, and durability.

Top fly fishing rod brands List


The best way to learn about your customers is to talk to them. ECHO founder Tim Rajeff learned this early in his career.

Echo understands the importance of bringing joy to people. They make products that are perfect for their customers’ needs.

ECHO offers a variety of sticks designed to stringent specifications. They’re all made to improve your game and to get you closer to perfecting your stroke.

The Rods by John R. Rajeff are the culmination of years of experience and passion. Each rod features unique actions, yet they all feature accuracy and efficiency.

G. Loomis

Nothing beats performance in fishing when you design the most specialized, high-tech, top-of-the-line fishing rods.

In my view, making rods is as important to us as making fly tying equipment. My philosophy is that a good rod should match the trout’s own natural movements.

A day on the water with your favorite guide is a great way to get inspiration for your own gear.

It’s probably a G. Loomis.


Fly fishing is hard to learn at first, but once you’re in, it’s fun and relaxing and there are some good people

You should never go into something without having a guide, which helps you know what to do and where to do it.

Orvis’ commitment to the sport of fly fishing is unmatched. If you want to learn about flies or how to cast, then it’s invaluable to have a company that will teach us all about it.

There are many quality fly fishing products out there, which are good products at a decent price. Orvis includes many fly fishing accessories that are good for their time period.


The world of fly fishing is full of new adventures and a lot of fun.

Thank you, Redington, for helping me find them. 

Redington started out as a supplier of rods and equipment for those who fish for trout, bass, and other species all from 1992.

Your next trout fishing rig should look like a predator and have a buttery feel in your hands. If you’re looking for an affordable rig, the Redington Butter Stick should fit the bill.


Don Green founded the Sage Company nearly in 80s. At that time and now, they are committed to building the world’s finest performing fly rods

The first and foremost series of rods they manufactured was called Reserve Power which had been very powerful and extremely accurate. 

These rods first introduced Sage to the world of fly fishing. In fact, some fly fishing guides and experts consider these rods to be the most important rods ever made for the sport.

It was just before they started building the rods that their rods were actually being discussed among the greats, and now, the rods are still talked about.


This is the story of a company that began in the basement of the heart of San Francisco in 1973. A company built around a dream – to build a better fly rod. And it continues today to deliver that dream through quality products and customer service.

From the 1970s on, the company focused on developing fine, high-performance, fishing rods made of fiberglass. 

These fly rods caught the attention of serious fishermen who wanted more of a traditional rod in their hands.

In 1993, Scott decided to sell his business to a new owner after 30 years of operation, and the company’s move from Berkeley, California to Montrose, Colorado.

source: https://www.scottflyrod.com/history

R. L. Winston

It’s hard to say exactly what angling was like in 1929 but most people agree that it had not yet hit its peak.

That’s the year Robert Winther and Lew Stoner started what is known today as the R.L. Winston Rod Company.

From there, Winston company has been regularly introducing new series of fly rods starting from the early 20th century till now.

In 2017, Winston introduced the WINSTON AIR. It’s an ultra-lightweight, all-around, super premium fly rod that offers incredible performance.

In the 2019 Saltwater AIR series, and in 2021 the new AIR 2 freshwater rods with a new shape rod were introduced. 

source: https://winstonrods.com/about-winston/history/


Hardy makes reels from 1921 to 1966, and these include the Fortuna (1921-1966., the Cascapedia, the original of which was sold from 1932-1939, the Alma, a multiplier made from 1925 to 1937.

Most of the most effective Multipliers of all time have been published since the 1940s such as George and the Uniqua.

St. Croix

St Croix first began making bamboo rods in 1948 to make them easier to pack.

Fiberglass fly rods were invented in the late 1950s, a three-piece rod for travel. This is an old company that started making fish rods back in the 1950s.

Temple Fork Outfitters

The first thing that came to mind was “For Temple Fork, being original is about setting the bar, creating a standard, and making the most of your angling experience!

All of the TFO’s fishing rods are made from the highest quality materials, using state-of-the-art technologies, so that they will perform to their full potential in the hands of those who know how to handle them.

You can be sure and confident over TFOs products that are built to last, which are lifetime guaranteed. 

You can depend on TFO products to work correctly and efficiently, whether it’s an action or fishing lure, a reel component, or even a TFO rod.

Fly rod brands with the best warranty

Sage’s Lifetime Warranty is good for as long as you own your fly rod. This is a good deal, but only for the original owner, and cannot be transferred to someone else.

Fly fishing rods by Orvis are guaranteed for the lifetime of 25 years.  There’s no doubt that American companies are producing their highest quality fishing equipment.

The Winston Fly Fishing Store has what I’d call the best fly rod warranty in the country. This condition may be covered by the manufacturer’s warranty; if there is no manufacturer’s warranty, it is not a warranty. Every product they released after 1996 is part of the “classic” collection.

Lifetime warranty on all fishing rods by Redington. All but the Crosswater series and Minnow/Topo combos are covered.

There is a lifetime warranty on all G. Loomis rods. They are made of very sturdy metal, so they should last a long time. To make sure your new rod will perform as expected, you must register it within 30 days of purchasing it.

The Scotts Company offers a lifetime warranty on their fly rods. To be eligible for this warranty you must be the original owner of the fly rod and it must be purchased from an authorized Scotts dealer. You need to register your fishing rod within 30 days of purchase on their website.

Echo provides a full lifetime warranty on their fly rods for the “natural life” of the product, as well as normal rod usage. You can count on Echo for the most efficient fly fishing rod in the industry. There is no exact time frame applied to the guarantee.

Saltwater vs Freshwater Rods

In a perfect world, all saltwater rods would be the same, just like all freshwater rods are the same. But this is not the case.

Saltwater fishing rods are made with a different design in mind, and this design can make them less forgiving than freshwater rods.

Some saltwater rods have a greater tendency to get snagged in weeds or brush. Others are made with thinner and lighter materials that flex more easily, making them more susceptible to bending or breaking.

Saltwater rods are also generally larger and heavier, and therefore require a longer rod handle to compensate for the weight.

This means a saltwater rod will feel less comfortable in your hands, and you’ll find yourself adjusting your grip more often.

Fly fishing rod brands Summary

I hope you enjoyed this list of the best fly fishing rod brands and found information about every brand’s special features and popularity.

As you have learned that there are the fishing fly rod brands with the best warranty, which mostly come with a lifetime deal from the top best fly rod brands such as Sage, Winston, and Redington.

Clearly, each person has their own preference for the brand that they choose.

The best saltwater fly fishing rod brands above are well known for producing high-quality fly fishing rods and this guide is for those who are in the market for a new fly fishing rod, and also for those who are just looking for a great rod.

Happy fishing!

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