What is a 5-weight fly rod good for?

When it comes to fly rods, the 5 weight is the most popular among fly fishers because of its versatility and the fact that it’s fairly easy to learn how to cast with. It’s also the most common fly rod that beginners will use. And if you’re just starting out in fly fishing, it’s a … Read more

What is a Switch Rod?

The cross between a single-handed fly rod and a two-handed Spey rod is called a “switch rod,” a unique rod style. With this, you can cast both overhead and underhand using the handle to either side. A switch rod is another type of spey rod, which has been specifically designed for fishing Spey for trout.  … Read more

How to wrap a fly rod?

Before we begin, there are two main types of fly rods: Flatwater rods – used for fishing lakes and ponds. Taper rods – used for fishing rivers and streams. Fly rods are generally longer than typical casting rods and have a grip at the butt end. They are typically made from bamboo or other light wood. The … Read more

How To Use Strike Indicators (Fly Fishing)

In this strike indicators fly fishing blog post, you will learn how to use strike indicators on flies and where to place strike indicators on the fly line.  The Strike Indicator is an excellent tool for beginners and advanced fly fishers alike to help them become better at catching fish.  Here I will discuss some … Read more